Gracie After Photo

Alexis C.

"Gracie was diagnosed with insulin resistance in the spring of 2020. We immediately put her on prescription medication, changed her diet, we put her into an exercise regime (in which she battled some unrelated lameness), and tried desperately to get some weight off her. This mare just seemed to live quite well on air. I came across a post on Facebook by Life Data Labs looking for horses with insulin resistance, I figured it didn't hurt to try!

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Oreo TN Walking Horse

Taylor B.

"This is Oreo. He’s a 16 year old Tennessee Walking Horse. In May of 2022, he foundered. After vet visits and tests, it was determined that he is insulin-resistant/prediabetic.

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Percy Laying Down

Marie H.

"Before Percy was on the Insulin R Formula, he was overweight and unable to sweat. His eyes were always runny and would regularly become inflamed.

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Poivre's Girl: Insulin Resistance

Kalli N.

"She (Poivre's Girl) looks absolutely amazing!  Everyone has been commenting on it.  The only change I’ve made is the Life Data Insulin R Formula, but her body shape has become sleeker and her coat shines from miles off.

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