Elephants in Water

Hoof Supplement Takes on "Mammoth" Challenge

For visitors to Cottbus Zoo in eastern Germany, watching the elephants bathing in the river is a big attraction. But when 42-year-old Karla developed foot trouble, it looked as if elephant bath time could soon be a thing of the past. The zoo’s director and vet turned to Life Data Labs to help solve their jumbo problem.

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Chester Weber and team

Team Weber

Since 1973, Life Data Labs, Inc. has funded and conducted equine research that has benefited the horse industry and since 1997, it has paired with one of the most celebrated and respected horsemen in the world. This season, Chester Weber and Life Data Labs celebrate a remarkable sixteen years together using Farrier's Formula® to put the greatest hooves in the world on some of the world's greatest horses, including 2008 USEF Horse of the Year, Jamaica. 

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