Indi the Thoroughbred

Tina B.

I bought Indi (race name Balendi) in October 2015. He is a Thoroughbred, who finished his racing career at the age of 3. He was born November 2011. When I got him he had just started his re-education after being turned out for 6 months. His hooves seemed healthy although maybe a little soft.

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Jimmy's Hoof


It is the diagnosis every horse owner fears: "Your horse has foundered”.

Jimmy, my handsome Polish Arabian, had injured his hind leg at the hock after running through a fence. A T- post recoiled and hit his hock at the joint. So he had surgery and a cast below the right fetlock It didn’t take long until he put too much weight on the left hind and foundered on that foot. I had a talented and dedicated team, including my veterinarian, my farrier and Farrier’s Formula Double Strength.

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Injured Horse Hoof

Kit C.

About five weeks ago my six year old Half-Arabian mare, Go LaDee Go, very severely injured her right front hoof with a horrible quarter crack on the outside of her hoof, bone and flesh included. It was so bad it was bleeding and ran up into her coronet band. She was unable to put any weight on it and could not walk.

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I thought I would share my own version of a Farrier’s Formula success story. This product has given my horse a second chance at an endurance career.

Last August, I was in a 25 mile limited distance race with a horse I had been conditioning for several months. This was his first limited distance with the plan to move into longer endurance races. Halfway into the ride, my horse stumbled on a rock and then became significantly lame. I should mention that this horse had been getting trimmed via natural balance methods for several years but for this ride, was in shoes on all four due to the rocky footing. Initially upon exam, the vets at the ride thought he had broken his coffin bone because he was so acutely lame, but the x-rays and hoof testing the next day revealed severely bruised heals on both fronts and on about a 6-7 mm thickness of sole on both fronts. This horse had extremely thin soles, despite natural balance trimming. This was not good news for an up and coming endurance prospect.

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AQHA/Appendix mare

Julie S.

I read the testimonials on you website. I am lucky enough to NOT have any hoof problems such as those. However, my beautiful AQHA/Appendix mare (pictured) was having repeated and constant problems with hoof abscesses. It broke my heart to watch her in such pain every time she got one. I finally asked my farrier if he had any suggestions of some supplements. He instantly recommended Farrier's Formula.

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