Margitta After Picture

Margitta R.

"My beloved Mahruss is a 26 year old Arab thoroughbred. For several months my horse had a bacterial infection in his hoof. Despite constant treatment, it was so bad, that a hole could be seen on the outside, in the middle of the hoof.

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Jenkins 1

Annie J.

My experience with Life Data® products has been nothing short of amazing. My barrel horse, Fame, is a 6yr old QH gelding that I’ve owned since he was 2. Fame has a slight pigeon toe, bad hoof walls and no growth. So, it’s been a chore getting and keeping him sound.

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Horse with Abscesses

Sandra M.

Sucha Sweetie Too is a 23 yr old QH mare. My mom, Sandra, has owned her since she was around 9 yrs old. 

I couldn't count the abscesses Sweetie has suffered through; horrible ones on front and back feet, out her toes, up and out through the coronary, out the bulbs of her hooves, so many that I think she has had more recovery time than riding time. She also suffered from White Line Disease and chipped coffin bones, which contributed to her lameness.

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Rocky the Horse

Maggie and Rocky

Rocky, my 15-year-old OTTB, always seemed just a little bit off on his left foreleg.  He has huge osselets in both front fetlocks, and his left front hoof is a bit clubby, so a slight lameness was never unexpected.  About once a year he would come up three-legged lame due to an abscess in that left hoof, and he had a pesky crack that ran vertically from his coronary band to the ground which just never seemed to go away.  But last year, when he came up with two abscesses in a row, I decided to have him x-rayed to see if there was something else causing the problem.  That’s when he was diagnosed with a keratoma, a rare benign tumor that continues to grow inside the hoof and which must be surgically removed. 

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Sandra Intro

Sandra G

Farrier's Formula® Double Strength has really worked on my cob. I have had him on it since October 2018 and this is the first time his feet have looked this good. When we first got him (six years ago), my farrier said that his feet were like butter to put a shoe on.  I tried various products and Farrier’s Formula® is the only supplement that works on my Welsh cob.

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