Jet and Owner

Heather W.

"It has been a long journey for my 14-year-old daughter and her horse Jet (a 14-year-old Appendix). My daughter Hannah spent all of 2020 training and preparing to compete at the Western Dressage World Championship Show. She and Jet trained 5 days a week. Of course, 2020 was very different from other years and shortly into the second half of the year things changed drastically for Hannah and Jet. He is generally very tender footed after being trimmed by the farrier, but this time he didn't get better after his trim. A few weeks went by of Hannah soaking and wrapping Jet's front feet, but he never got better. We thought maybe he had an abscess. We called the farrier and the vet out to take x-rays.

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Paddy the Horse

Sandra O.

“I own a 12 year old Tinker, Paddy, and a 4 year old noble blooded Haflinger, Locke. From the beginning Paddy has always had severe hoof problems. He is prone to hair lice and mites and suffers frequently from diarrhea. In fact, I've had to deal with these problems since he was 1 ½ years old. . The mite infestation appears in the form of a rash and inflamed pastern dermatitis. Over the years we have tested countless different feeds, supplements, powders, and all sorts of creams etc. I always fed him products suitable for horse´s with obesity and easy-keepers, adhering to strict feeding guidelines.  For a while I also fed special muesli for horses with digestive problems. Everything helped only for a limited period, some products being more effective than others. Of course, I also had blood tests done on a regular basis. Apart from a case of selenium deficiency and also a zinc deficiency, the results were normal.

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Sandra Jumping Horse

Sandra V.

"Here is a short summary about Evie’s hoof development.

In Chio, Aachen, in 2018 I discovered the products from the company, Life Data. I explained that during the eventing season our mare repeatedly suffered from cracks in the lower part of the hoof wall. The entire hoof was extremely dry and brittle. She recommended feeding Farrier´s Formula Double Strength and applying Farrier´s Finish Hoof Conditioner to the old nail holes to help improve the quality of our mare´s white hooves.  

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Susan R.

"Dr. Scott Gravlee gave me excellent advice that made a huge positive difference in my 16-year-old Dutch Warmblood's hooves! He has never had strong hoof walls and my highly skilled, very knowledgeable and determined farrier, Ron Kass, Jr., has struggled with keeping his feet from falling apart. Ron encouraged me to use Farrier's Formula from the beginning when my horse, Scannie, was 7 years old. Over the years, Ron has built Scannie’s hooves up with acrylic and used glue-on shoes. Ron struggled when Scannie would wiggle and pull his leg away. He would spend more time on Scannie than on the other horses in the barn. His patience and perseverance were truly remarkable.

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Emmy B.

I am absolutely blown away by how amazing this supplement is! My mare suffered an awful hoof injury where she sliced through her hoof wall and sole almost to the coffin bone. I got her on Farrier's Formula® almost immediately to help grow out her hoof faster.

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