CARD Testimonial


"Some products just make a world of difference, and Farrier’s Formula is one of those products!

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Diablo's hoof

Steffi S.

For all horse owners who have big problems with the hooves of their loved ones, here is a report of my own personal experience. My fjord gelding had very thin soles even as a foal, and every farrier told me he’d never be able to go barefoot. When he was nine years old, high-dose cortisone was injected twice into several joints. This completely ruined the hooves. The hoof horn broke off in large pieces everywhere, and it was almost impossible to get shoes to stay in place.  

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Anje-Meike M.

"In March, I purchased my Irish Cob, Johnny, who at the time was suffering from a crack on the right hind hoof. Our Hoof Trimmer recommended the Life Data products. I followed his advice and since June have fed Farrier's Formula exclusively in combination with hay and straw. In addition, I applied Life Data Hoof Clay and Farrier's Finish to the hoof crack. The hoof quality has noticeably improved. I now feed Farrier's Formula on a regular basis at the correct amount for his body weight.

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Larissa K.

"I would like to give you a brief insight into my experience and success with Farrier´s Formula Double Strength.

Until January 2021 my 9 year old cob, Indian, had always suffered from poor hoof quality, hardly any hoof sole, and a very thin hoof wall. He regularly lost his shoes every two weeks. I soon realized that I it would not be possible to have him shod any longer. The main problem was his very poor hoof wall substance.

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