Rachael C.

 “So I saw a story posted online about a horse and her hoof growing back and I was amazed at the results! I currently have a mare that fell through a cattle gap and has had to have half of her hoof removed and we are currently going through a rough stage with her hoof and hopeful she will recover from it!

Your products are doing a wonderful job so far!!! I have seen extremely wonderful growth so far.”

Images below were taken around June 30, 2016



“I am so excited with the progress in such a short amount of time.
She is definitely a miracle.”


Images below were taken around September 27, 2016

“These are from yesterday and she's been completely loading on the side. We are hoping to fit her for a boot soon until she gets a little more hoof back to be able to have a shoe. The sole has hardened up really quickly with the farriers finish and we are seeing wonderful results so far!"


"She loves the Farriers Formula we are still giving 1/2 cup once per day and applying the farriers finish every 3rd day.


Images below were taken October 13, 2016

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