Nicolie B.

My horse Max is 24 years old now. I have owned him since he was four. I ride him mainly for leisure. From the very beginning he suffered with skin problems, in the sense that he developed recurring spots of crusty scabs on his body. My vet recommended contacting Ms. Zetsche of Life Data Labs who had a look at him and advised me about his feeding regime. Since March I am feeding Farrier's Formula Double Strength which improves hoof and skin quality from the inside while treating the scabby areas with Farrier's Finish to combat the fungal and bacterial infection.

Max 1Max 2

This has been very successful and Max´s skin and coat have improved significantly. He is much livelier and bolder now. Obviously he simply feels better than before. He does not look like an old horse at all!

Ms Nicolie Bellon


Max in His Youth

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