Mara After

Mara M.

Healthy feet for the New Year!!! 

Tuesday was the day of truth for Daily and me. Every eight weeks, we hope and pray that the veterinarian and the farrier will not complain about Daily´s hooves.  

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Aleta B Testimonial Picture

Aleta B.

I purchased my Quarter Horse mare in May 2014. She had some severe splits in her front hooves, and her feet were spread out like pancakes. I knew the owner well and, of course, wanted to know what had happened to her hooves. The owner recently went through some health issues and had not been able to keep up with farrier appointments. She had 7 other horses, one of which was my mare’s sire, and she also had her full brother. I was looking at their feet and noticed the same issue but not nearly as bad. I assumed this was going to be an ongoing issue as it looked like it was hereditary. I decided to purchase the mare even though she was 8 years old, green broke, and had splits in her front hooves. Needless to say, we have been on a journey ever since.

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CARD Testimonial


"Some products just make a world of difference, and Farrier’s Formula is one of those products!

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Diablo's hoof

Steffi S.

For all horse owners who have big problems with the hooves of their loved ones, here is a report of my own personal experience. My fjord gelding had very thin soles even as a foal, and every farrier told me he’d never be able to go barefoot. When he was nine years old, high-dose cortisone was injected twice into several joints. This completely ruined the hooves. The hoof horn broke off in large pieces everywhere, and it was almost impossible to get shoes to stay in place.  

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