Candace B.

 U.S. Training Rider of the Year Credits Farriers Formula® DS Plus Joint!

When I was a teenager, I owned a horse named Fantastic Voyage who had awful feet.  I put him on Farriers Formula®, by Life Data Labs, Inc and he was able to win team gold at Young Riders (the Junior Olympics)! I am now a full time trainer, coach, clinician, and competitor in the sport of Eventing.


A few years ago I started using both Farriers Formula and another Life Data Labs product, Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance. I have a barn full of Eventing horses ranging from lower level to upper level.  They all use both products. The result speaks for itself. I just had a student, Haley Curry, win team silver at Young Riders!   




This summer I heard about a new Life Data Labs product, Farriers Formula DS Plus Joint! All my horses are on some form of joint supplement, so I thought, "of course I’ll try it!" The results in a very short time have blown me away. My horses immediately improved and they are competing better than ever! Haley is consistently at the top of every horse show on her new horses, my student Dylan Fisher took first place in his very first horse trial, and my horses won so many shows that the United States Eventing Association named me the 2016 Adult Training Rider of the Year!  I cannot thank Life Data Labs enough for their dedication to making the best products for horses on the market!

The sky might not be the limit when it comes to Farriers Formula DS Plus Joint!

 -Candace Bell