Horses in trailer

Sandy B.

I started using Farrier’s Finish because my QH had one abscess after another. He even had to have pads put on. Using farriers finish, he stopped getting the abscesses. Eventually, I tried taking the pads off and shoes! No more abscesses!!

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Alice H.

Great product! Used on my senior, who has low heels and stone bruises. This stuff helps keep his hooves healthy and keeps them strong. I love farriers finish.

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Outside Horse

Arlyn L.

My horses are outside all the time and we have very moist land. I use Farrier's Finish every time I clean their feet to keep their hooves healthy and to prevent thrush and white line. For me, it's the best because it is easy to use, doesn't have that chemical odor, and I always see results.

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Hooves before and after

Susan L.

There is not a day, while I am grooming my dressage horse Hansie that a barnmate walks by and stops in their tracks to comment on Hansie's healthy hooves. I was using another product on the outside of my horses hooves and they were flaking, also the right front toe was cracked.

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Leslie with horse

Leslie B.

Professional Farrier

As a farrier, I recommend the Farriers Finish to many of my clients. It is wonderful for keeping a healthy balance of moisture in the hoof wall and I've noticed less cracking and chipping.

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