Raspe After

"Our Haflinger mare Delia, 9 years old, has never had problems with sallenders or mallenders in her life. Despite careful daily care, the sallenders broke out almost overnight and both front legs were severely affected.

Life Data, who has given us very good advice on other issues, recommended that we massage Farrier's Finish gently onto the affected areas of skin without washing them beforehand or removing the scabs.

After just a few treatments, the crusts fell off on their own and only had to be carefully brushed out of the fur. After the 3rd treatment, almost nothing was visible from the sallenders, but the skin had not yet fully regenerated. After a good 10 days, everything was finally healed. We didn't even have to shorten the feathers on the legs. It was enough to carefully part the fur and gently massage the Farrier´s Finish onto the skin.

We are impressed how quickly this was successful and can only recommend everyone not to experiment, but to apply the Farrier's Finish for the external treatment and also to improve the effectiveness from the inside with Farrier's Formula Double Strength!

Many thanks again to Life Data for her extremely competent advice, we are so happy!"


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Message from Life Data®:
Farrier’s Finish® is a hoof conditioner. We do not have research regarding the efficacy of the product with skin conditions but can verify that the product is non-caustic and safe to use on hair and skin. We have reports of successful use of Farrier’s Finish® with various skin conditions such as scratches and dermatitis.