Sandra W.

John the horse

"I can honestly say that your product Compose saved us.

Two weeks ago, I purchased a new horse, a 7 years old Connemara gelding called John. I bought John from a commercial training stable. The stable sold the horse because of his extreme nervousness. This meant that his training would have taken much longer than planned and he had only just been broken in. The stable owner had been very patient and had gone to great lengths with him to try to train him but sadly to no avail. An auction in Ireland, a journey on a ship and two changes of stables all within one week, contributed to John being highly nervous. It was no longer possible to continue with the training in his present condition.

I placed John in a paddock together with my 25-year-old appaloosa and my 14 year old warm blood. Both are calm and accustomed to sharing the paddock with new horses. There had never been any integration difficulties with other new horses until John arrival!

John was very agitated when he came to us. In hindsight, it was a mistake to put him with the other horses. The two horses chased him. Fortunately, I was around when this happened and was able to separate the horses before any of them became injured. This was a very dangerous situation.

John´s ceaseless running around in either a walk, trot or canter, provoked my other horses to such a degree that they attacked him. They even attacked him when I separated him from the other horses by a fence. I must admit, that his nervous behavior even annoyed me and made me angry. This was a vicious circle and due to his nervousness he was unable to settle in. He offended the other horses. He is thin and not muscular possibly due to the restlessness and stress ( see photos).

I started googling for ways to help this little guy and I came across Life Data and Compose. I rang them quickly and they gave me very friendly advice recommending me to give Compose a try. I was convinced, and on Saturday the parcel arrived. This became our salvation.

Since last Sunday, John is being fed Compose, the dosage for a 350 kg horse twice a day. He has noticeably calmed down a lot. Now he can relax and is able to stand still while even being groomed.  John reacts much better to loud noises. I was very worried about him and I am so relieved that he has now stopped running around all day. He appears happier and more contented. This is a big improvement and very encouraging for the future.

Compose has enabled John to stay calm without appearing weary or tired. He likes to eat Compose with his feed or from my hand. Because of his nervousness he is not fed a compound feed, only hay and hay cobs. On the recommendation from Life Data I will start to feed him Barn Bag to improve his overall general condition by giving him the essential nutrients which he needs. I hope that this will help him to put on weight by improving the utilization of the feed which he is receiving.

I can only conclude from the very first feeding of Compose, it met with my expectations and kept its promise. John and I recommend Compose whole-heartedly! We are fans now!

I will report once in a while how John is doing and keep in touch."

- Sandra W.