Simone W.

Leo the dog

I would like to thank you very much for your advice and recommendation to feed Breeders Formula® to my dog Leo.

My small miniature Pinscher is five years old. A growth appeared on his right lead at the age of 1 ½. Everyone presumed that this was a wart and would eventually disappear, but that was not the case. At the beginning of this year the growth became larger and it was necessary for Leo to undergo an operation and have it removed. After the op, the growth was diagnosed as a mast cell tumor.

Directly after the operation on Leo I started to feed the Breeder's Formula®. This helped enormously with the healing of the wound, and after a very short period, there was nothing left to see on Leo´s leg. The area is not sensitive and Leo´s experienced no problems after the op. Apart from the very positive healing of the wound on Leo´s leg, his coat became shiny and looked much healthier.

I plan to continue to feed the Breeder's Formula®, once again, a big “thank you” from Leo and myself.

Simone W.