G. Kinder

Kinder Dog Group

I have been using this product from your company, Life Data Labs, since it first came on the German market, based on 15 years of excellent experience with Farrier's Formula for horses!

I use Breeder`s Formula for almost all canine conditions with great success and have numerous customers who use it continuously. I always recommend it during convalescence, the strenuous times of coat change, for older animals with joint or tendon problems or arthritis, and for dogs with dermatological symptoms. I also give Breeders Formula to dogs who suffer bad conditions for which an optimal, balanced supply of nutrients must be guaranteed.  

As a veterinarian, I have the great advantage that I can be sure that my dog is also well looked after and receives all the essential nutritional components from Breeders Formula. As a result, the coat is extremely healthy, and animals with gastrointestinal problems have less flatulence and diarrhea. The claws are stronger and healthier, and, from my point of view, wound healing is much faster and less complicated. I love this product! 

Yours sincerely,

Dr. G. Kinder