Barbara B.

Life Data's Breeder's Formula... we can't say enough about this wonderful product! Let's see if I can try...

Our sweet Josie developed a red, itchy spot on her right rear leg. She would lick and chew it almost constantly until it would sometimes bleed. As noted in the picture 9-3-14, her leg would end up bright red with welts, scabs and no hair. We would take her to our vet where she would receive her shot and a round of antibiotics for this allergy she had developed. The itching would ease for her so that there was no licking or chewing to irritate the leg. But, as she finished her medications, it would start all over again. The skin would not have time to completely clear and no hair had grown in that spot since it first started. We did this for several months... treatment after treatment.

One day as I was discussing with a friend about her horse who had recently gotten badly cut, I happened to mention Farrier's Formula. A light came on... why had I not thought of it sooner? Life Data makes a dog formula as well... wonder if it would work for our sweet Josie's problem.

As you can see by the attached pictures... what an amazing transformation!!! and it only took a little over a month and a half to go from the angry, very irritated leg (see picture 9-3-14) to the almost perfect, completely covered in hair leg (See picture 10-24-14)!! We couldn't believe how quickly the improvements started to appear. You can see a big difference in each picture taken. You could actually tell the difference in a week's time. And Josie feels so much better. Her coat shines like never before!

I was concerned when I first opened the bag of Breeder's Formula as I realized it was a pellet. I wasn't sure how I would ever get this "picky eater" of ours to eat it. I shouldn't have worried. She eats it first! right off the top of her food.

Barbara B.
Enterprise, AL

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Healing dog itch
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