Alew Dog Owner

Deeohgee is normally very scared of storms and gets anxiety when we have them, which is all the time in FL. She gets so scared she trembles. It is sad for mama to see this.

Last night, we had pretty bad thunder storms rolling through and after a few hours I thought- wait where is Dee? She should be glued to my leg right now…. Sure enough, Dee was relaxing in the office- as if she didn't even notice the storm thanks to Breeder's Formula! I had given her Breeder's Formula with her dinner around 5 pm, so the 6 pm storm didn't faze her. I was even more surprised when she was willing to go outside with me, during the storm, to go to the bathroom.

I am very happy to have met you & found this awesome product!

Another great thing about Breeder's Formula is that Dee actually waits for me to add it to her food before scarfing it all down. :)

Truly wonderful product you guys have! I'm a lifer.

Thanks again,