Barn Bag review

Deb S.

Ace has been on Farriers Formula at replenishment level for about 2 years now (still has a small bit of separation so I haven't reduced to maintenance level), and Barn Bag for about a year.

But I was remiss in not telling you earlier, that your products really are amazing. When I first moved Ace from his boarding barn where he was stalled about 20 hours day and used only in arenas, to a private home with 12 hours of turnout, his feet came apart in chunks -- literally -- one inch pieces of hoof just missing. I was sick with worry. The farrier had to trim every 3 weeks to keep the chunks in check, and started a hoof supplement. Not much improvement within 9 months. At my farrier's recommendation, I tried your product instead. Almost immediately, he got nice new growth and within 6 months he had new beautiful feet. He's at home on 24 hour turn out now and his feet hardly chip even in hard dry summer on rock hard pasture.

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Nadine E.

I would like to thank you for your recommendation of the “Barn Bag”. My 31 year old mare, Seray, was very sick last year during the winter months. She often had laminitus and the medication she received to cure this lead to several attacks of colic. She became extremely thin and weak. A blood analysis indicated liver damage.

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Candace Dressage Horse

Candace W.

Trainer and Professional Rider

Because my horses use Barn Bag Pleasure and Performance Horse Feed Concentrate from Life Data Labs, the trusted maker's of Farrier's Formula, I know that my horses are getting the right nutrients. Barn Bag is the best choice for every horse at every level."

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Walt and Annie

Walt S.

Thanks for making such great products!

Annie (on right, a 20+ year old quarter horse) and Tye (a ten year old quarter horse) are both very easy keepers. They are still above ideal weight, but since starting Barn Bag, they have lost weight and stayed healthy and energetic.

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Mother Horse with baby

Rick L.

Journeyman II Farrier

“I was given a mare in February, only to find out later that she was pregnant and due to deliver in April. My immediate concern went to her nutritional level because I knew that the previous owner had only fed her from round bales of hay. I wanted to give her the best nutrition I could in her final few weeks of pregnancy. Since I had always seen good results with Farrier’s Formula®, I gave Life Data Labs a call.

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