Walt S.

Walt and Annie

Thanks for making such great products!

Annie (on right, a 20+ year old quarter horse) and Tye (a ten year old quarter horse) are both very easy keepers. They are still above ideal weight, but since starting Barn Bag, they have lost weight and stayed healthy and energetic.

We live in an area of coastal NC where the soil has been depleted. The pastures and local hay is often lacking in the required minerals and vitamins. This would not be a problem if we were feeding four or five pounds a day of good quality horse feed. Unfortunately, if they got that much feed their weight would skyrocket yet a lesser amount would not ensure the minimum requirements.

Barn Bag was the answer since it guarantees the required vitamins and minerals and adds almost no calories. Annie and Tye will be on Barn Bag for life, but in the unlikely event they start to look thin, I’ll just add some oats to their diet.
Hugo is a six year old off the track thoroughbred. He has great energy and a great personality, but his feet are typical for his breed. Putting him on Farrier’s Formula has definitely helped to keep him sound.

I have been a full time farrier for over 20 years and have seen the results of numerous brands of hoof supplements. Farrier’s Formula is the only one that consistently produces improved hoof quality. I wouldn’t consider feeding any other hoof supplement to my horse.

Walt S.

Annie the Quarter Horse