Deb S.

Barn Bag review

Ace has been on Farriers Formula at replenishment level for about 2 years now (still has a small bit of separation so I haven't reduced to maintenance level), and Barn Bag for about a year.

But I was remiss in not telling you earlier, that your products really are amazing. When I first moved Ace from his boarding barn where he was stalled about 20 hours day and used only in arenas, to a private home with 12 hours of turnout, his feet came apart in chunks -- literally -- one inch pieces of hoof just missing. I was sick with worry. The farrier had to trim every 3 weeks to keep the chunks in check, and started a hoof supplement. Not much improvement within 9 months. At my farrier's recommendation, I tried your product instead. Almost immediately, he got nice new growth and within 6 months he had new beautiful feet. He's at home on 24 hour turn out now and his feet hardly chip even in hard dry summer on rock hard pasture.

So besides the feet, Ace was also looking poorly....He had an extremely thin coat, I had to heavy blanket him in winter. He would get scratches even though the turnout was dry and I groomed at least 4 times a week. He'd get crusty scabs on his midline and itching along his neck. The vet wanted to start him on thyroid supplements. I had gotten your Barn Bag info at Midwest Horse Fair and told her I wanted to see if he was immuno-compromised due to lack of vitamin/minerals (I kept both salt and mineral blocks as well as loose salt and minerals available but he never ate them). Took the mineral block and loose minerals away, gave both horses Barn Bag and woo-hoo! He's wooley now -- only needs a medium weight blanket even in below zero weather. No scratches, no scabs, and itching is now only linked to the biting flies of Wisconsin. And my 7 yr old Dodger has also now got a beautiful thick coat and tail and his mane is thicker too. He didn't even want his blanket when it got below zero this year.

Sorry to go on so long but I am truly impressed with your products and the very visible difference they make in my horses. That's why I was hoping for a senior one too. When I was thinking about the vit/min supplement it was an easy choice to pick yours; knowing Barn Bag had been formulated to be fed along with the Farriers Formula. Plus of course, the horses both love the taste.

Best regards,

Deb S.