Carmel G.

Rosy Testimonial

In 2018, our little 25-year-old Arab mare, Rosy, was diagnosed with severe Cushing’s.  With her numbers being very high, the vet decided to put her on medication for Cushing’s.  Unfortunately, the pills made her extremely sick so we lowered her dose to a half a pill every other day, but it was still making her sick.  With her not feeling well, she stopped eating and had the runs. Since she was not eating, she lost a ton of weight and was at a body score of 2.  With all of this not working, we were ready to put her down.

Then, a miracle happened.  We were at a competition in March 2018 where Life Data Labs Inc. had a booth, so we decided to stop and ask some questions about the product.  After we told him about Rosy and her situation, he handed us a bag with red lettering on it and said, “Take this home and try it.  Just give her a handful a day.”  At this point, I was willing to try anything to help Rosy. So, we went home after the competition and started giving Rosy the product which was Barn Bag®.  Within a week, Rosy started wanting to eat all of her food plus some, and she was starting to liven up.  Day after day she made huge improvements. She started shedding out with a nice shiny black coat and started to act like a 3-year-old.

In February of this year, Rosy was re-tested to see if her numbers went down . . . and they did!  Rosy has been on Barn Bag®, this miracle supplement, since March of 2018 and it has changed her life.  She is livelier and wants to eat a ton.  Everyone from Oregon Animal Rescue and I are grateful for this wonderful product. Without this, we would not have our beloved Rosy.