Rosy Testimonial

Carmel G.

In 2018, our little 25-year-old Arab mare, Rosy, was diagnosed with severe Cushing’s.  With her numbers being very high, the vet decided to put her on medication for Cushing’s.  Unfortunately, the pills made her extremely sick so we lowered her dose to a half a pill every other day, but it was still making her sick.  With her not feeling well, she stopped eating and had the runs. Since she was not eating, she lost a ton of weight and was at a body score of 2.  With all of this not working, we were ready to put her down.

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Young Healthy Foal

Snezana H.

Here are the pictures of my mare "A Painted Day in May". She likes to eat your supplement, Life Data Broodmare & Growing Horse, and her body condition is perfect. The birth of her foal yesterday morning went smoothly without any problems. She didn't even sweat! The little one is also super agile and fit. So, thank you again for your great advice and support.

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horse on barn bag

Jeannette H.

I just wanted to say I LOVE barn bag concentrated feed. We have been using if for a month now and not only do our horses look AMAZING, but, our feed bill is almost cut in half!!!! Thank you so much for providing such a wonderful product. Our horses shine from the inside out!!!

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Barn Bag review

Deb S.

Ace has been on Farriers Formula at replenishment level for about 2 years now (still has a small bit of separation so I haven't reduced to maintenance level), and Barn Bag for about a year.

But I was remiss in not telling you earlier, that your products really are amazing. When I first moved Ace from his boarding barn where he was stalled about 20 hours day and used only in arenas, to a private home with 12 hours of turnout, his feet came apart in chunks -- literally -- one inch pieces of hoof just missing. I was sick with worry. The farrier had to trim every 3 weeks to keep the chunks in check, and started a hoof supplement. Not much improvement within 9 months. At my farrier's recommendation, I tried your product instead. Almost immediately, he got nice new growth and within 6 months he had new beautiful feet. He's at home on 24 hour turn out now and his feet hardly chip even in hard dry summer on rock hard pasture.

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